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Where to Find Summit Beer at the Minnesota State Fair

Hi, Friends. We probably don’t need to tell you that the Minnesota State Fair starts today. That’s like telling you the sky is blue or beer is wet. There are things you, as a Minnesotan, just know.

What you may not know, however, is that there are nearly 20 different locations where you can find Summit beer on the fairgrounds (and that doesn’t include the beer you’re sneaking into the Fair inside the kid’s diaper bag). That said, it doesn’t matter if you’re at the Midway, the Haunted House, the Grandstand, or Bob’s Snake Zoo — Summit beer is nearby.

Rather than providing a very cute, illustrated, caricature-style map of the fairgrounds with little beer mugs marking the intersections where you can find our beer, though, we’re gonna give you a detailed list telling you where the beer is AND what’s being poured there.

You’re getting a list instead of a map because: A) Lists are super-informative! B) Those maps are hard to read, and they’re 100 percent useless once you hafta fight against the foot traffic of a million sweaty bodies all moving in seemingly random directions. C) The graphic designers are busy.

So here it is, The List of All the Summit Beers at The Fair:

  • Shanghaied Henri’s and the Summit on a Stick Booth in the International Bazaar — Summit Extra Pale Ale, Saga IPA, Dakota Soul, Skip Rock, Oktoberfest, Oatmeal Stout, and our brand-new Helles Ya, You Betcha!, which you can’t find anywhere else.

    Hank Hanten of Shanghaied Henri’s with Summit Brewing Co. Founder and President Mark Stutrud
  • Tejas Express, located in The Garden near the North Wall — Summit Skip Rock.
  • Coasters, located at Carnes and Liggett — Summit Extra Pale Ale and Dakota Soul
  • Ballpark Cafe, located on Underwood St. between Dan Patch & Carnes — Summit Extra Pale Ale and Oktoberfest
  • Dino’s Gyros, located on Carnes Ave. between Nelson & Underwood  Summit Extra Pale Ale and Dakota Soul
  • Cafe Caribe, located on Carnes Ave. between Chambers & Nelson — Summit Extra Pale Ale, Saga and Dakota Soul
  • Frontier Bar, located on Carnes Ave. between Liggett & Chambers — Summit Extra Pale Ale, Oktoberfest and Skip Rock
  • O’Gara’s at the Fair, located at Dan Patch Ave. & Cosgrove — Summit Extra Pale Ale
  • Midway Men’s Club, located on Underwood St. between Wright & Dan Patch — Summit Extra Pale Ale, Keller Pils and Dakota Soul
  • Mancini’s at the Fair, located on Carnes ave. between Nelson & Underwood — Summit Extra Pale Ale, Skip Rock and Saga
  • Andy’s Grill, located on Carnes Ave. between Chambers & Nelson — Summit Extra Pale Ale and Dakota Soul
  • RC’s BBQ, located on the west side of the Grandstand — Summit Extra Pale Ale
  • Lulu’s Public House, located at West End Market, near the Schilling Amphitheater — Summit Extra Pale Ale
  • Rajin Cajun, located in The Garden near the west wall — Summit Extra Pale Ale
  • Chicago Dogs, located in The Garden near the east wall — Summit Extra Pale Ale
  • Giggles Campfire Grill, located at Lee Ave. & Cooper St. — Summit Extra Pale Ale
  • Blue Barn, located at the West End Market — Summit Oktoberfest
  • The Grandstand (Hildebrand Concessions, located in the Grandstand Show Plaza Area) — Summit Skip Rock, Extra Pale Ale and Saga IPA
  • Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild, located in the Ag-Hort Building — Rotating flights of Summit beers will change daily, so visit often!
  • The Hangar, located at Murphy Ave. and Underwood St. — Summit Oktoberfest, plus rotating flights featuring Summit Saga IPA, Skip Rock, Dakota Soul, Keller Pils and more!
  • The Coliseum, located on Judson between Clough and Liggett — Summit Extra Pale Ale, Saga IPA and Dakota Soul

Welp, that about covers it. Please remember your sunblock and make sure to feed and water the dog before you leave the house. Maybe we’ll see you guys at the MPR booth, where we’ll be slammin’ beers and lookin’ for Mac Wilson. If he’s around.

Get the Yucatan Tacos at Shanghaied Henri’s to go with your Summit Helles Ya, You Betcha!
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