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Summit Brewing Company

Winter Ale

Comforting as a down blanket.
And way better tasting.

Floral, spicy, bready and sweet, Summit Winter Ale is a cozy brew made specially to help add warmth to winter nights. Brewed with English and German hops that offer floral and spicy notes, it’s balanced by roasted and pale malts. Based on the British Winter Warmer style, this brew’s toasted malt flavor mixes with hints of espresso, caramel and black cherry for a velvety smooth finish. It’s sure to warm your cockles. Whatever those are. Available during the Winter in 12-oz. cans and bottles.


Serving Tips

45-50 °F, in a Nonick tumbler.


Beer Facts

Original Gravity: 14.5° P
Alcohol by Weight: 5%
Alcohol by Volume: 6.2%
Color, (deg. L.): Dark Brown, 40° L
IBUs: 40
Malts Utilized: 2-Row Pale, Caramel, Crystal, Deingeman’s De-Bittered Black, Carafa 2
Hops Utilized: Fuggle, Tettnang, Willamette, Goldings
Yeast: Ale
Established: 1987

Food Pairings


Roast Beast

Smoked Cheese


Reviews & Accolades

  • Two-time Best of the Midwest in the U.S. Beer Tasting Championships (2002, 2003, strong/old ale category)
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