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Summit Brewing Company

Nialas Non- Alcoholic Irish-Style Dark

Discover what a non-alcoholic beer CAN be

Expand your horizons with Nialas Non-Alcoholic Irish-Style Dark. This unique NA stout-style has big flavors of espresso, chocolate and caramel, balanced by spicy hop characteristics. Brewed with a broad range of imported malts and European hops, it offers depth and range while still remaining less than 0.5% ABV.

Conversation Starter

Pronounced knee-uh-lis, Nialas is Irish Gaelic for “zero” in reference to the non-alcoholic quality of this full bodied Irish-Style Dark. Summit Brewing has been blazing trails since 1986 and now you can enjoy this traditionally crafted dark beer on any adventure.


Serving Tips


Beer Facts


COLOR: Chocolate Brown (55 L)

HOPS: Imported Hops

MALTS: Domestic and Imported Malts



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