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Summit Hosts Winner of State Fair Beer Naming Contest

Random Internet Person Seth Brantner Visits Summit Brewing Co. to Taste the Mini-Sotan IPA.

Craft the Name Contest Winner Seth Brantner and brewer James Birnie pour Mini-Sotan IPA. (Credit: Summit Brewing)

Minnesotans love Summit beer. And (most) Minnesotans love the State Fair. So, once again Summit Brewing Co. reached out to the vast world of the Internet to help us name our beer for the annual Great Minnesota Get Together.

From May 31 to June 6 we ran the Craft the Name contest, seeking creative quips for our latest brew. The prize? Well, in additional to millions of visitors drinking a beer named after you by an award-winning brewery, the winner would also receive a behind-the-scenes tour of the brewing and first taste.

After 200+ submissions and a vote by a super-secret panel, a winner was chosen at the end of July. Seth Brantner of Rochester, Minn., was crowned our naming champion with his submission of “Mini-Sotan IPA.”

As Summit fans you know, we stay true to our promise.





Craft the Name Contest Winner Seth Brantner and brewer James Birnie in Fermentation Cellar. (Credit: Summit Brewing)

So, on August 8, Brantner and his guest made the trip up from Rochester to St. Paul to get a first taste of the Mini-Sotan IPA.

Brantner was given a true brewer’s look at our process, complete with a bird’s eye view of our fermentation process. Then, along with head brewer Damian McConn, he shared a first-taste of our brand-new beer.

More about Mini-Sotan

The Summit Mini-Sotan IPA will have all the aroma and flavor the craft beer lover expects from a standard IPA — like aromas of pineapple, grapefruit and apricot and flavors of biscuits, breadcrust and sweet citrus — but it will only have 99 calories, 3.5g carbs and a low ABV of 4.0%.

Where to Find Summit Mini-Sotan IPA

From August 22 through September 2, Summit’s Mini-Sotan will be sold exclusively at the Summit on a Stick Booth and Shanghaied Henri’s at the Minnesota State Fair’s International Bazaar.

Craft the Name Contest Winner Seth Brantner and brewer James Birnie view malt (Credit: Summit Brewing)
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