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What’s Sober October?

October can be an exciting time of year with a lot going on in 31 days. Leaves change colors, the MLB playoffs kick-off, you can finally throw on your flannels and hoodies, and not to mention it all caps off with Halloween. Another activity that has gained popularity over the last couple of years is Sober October.

The idea of a Sober October originated in Australia as ‘Oc-Sober’ by Life Education, a health organization aimed to help young adults and teenagers. Their priority was to help promote a healthier lifestyle and teach young adults the risks of drugs and alcohol. Shortly after Oc-Sober’s success a UK-based cancer charity known as Macmillan Cancer Support first coined the phrase Sober October.

Whether you’re doing Sober October for charity or fun, your health is the ultimate winner as going dry for the entire month has led to several benefits. Clearer skin, better sleep, and more energy are just some of the benefits one can see from abstaining from alcohol for 31 days.

So are you taking part in Sober October? Worried you might miss the taste of beer but want all the benefits of Sober October? Well, this year with the launch of our Nialas Non-Alcoholic IPA & Irish-Style Dark, you can take part in Sober October and enjoy the great taste of Summit-brewed beer all month long. Be sure to check out our beer finder to find your nearest Nialas-carrying liquor store.

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