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Summit Unchained 24 Spring Saison Can

The Summit Unchained Series: 8 Years of Pure Craft Brewing

In August 2009, Summit Brewing Co. introduced its Unchained Series, a collection of limited-production beers, each one created by an individual brewer. Summit had six full-time brewers at the time, and each was encouraged to “choose their own beer style and manage the process from start to finish, from research and recipe development… to determining […]

Summit Releases Unchained 24: Spring Saison

Brewer James Birnie Tackles His First Unchained Series Beer Since its launch in 2009, our rotating Unchained Series has allowed Summit brewers to explore their craft, experiment with ingredients from around the world, and basically ignore budgets altogether. The result? They’ve crafted a total of 24 unique, small-batch beers, each one distinct from those offered […]

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