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Area Man Briefly Gets Into Home Brewing, Decides Not to Open a Brewery

ST. PAUL, MN—Noting that he’s frequently beset by self-doubt and not terribly experienced in brewing beer, Bryan Walters, 29, insists he’s just not going to open a brewery like everyone else is doing right now. “Listen,” he says stroking his beard, “I know I check all the boxes: I’m a guy, I’m a millennial, I […]

Upcoming Events with Summit Brewing Company

Greetings Summit Fans! Feeling bored? Need some excitement? Forget about your dirty dishes and laundry. Skip gym night and save grocery fetching for some other week. You know you don’t want to wait in line behind those coupon-clippers anyway. What you really need to do is get out of the house. So, put on that […]

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