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Summit Brewing Company Partners With Adult Hockey Association

Good Beer, Slick Ice — What Could Go Wrong?


All of us at Summit Brewing are excited today to announce our partnership with the Adult Hockey Association, a Minnesota-based amateur adult hockey association for men and women. Because, dang it, we like hockey.

Recognized by USA Hockey, the governing body for organized amateur hockey in the United States, the AHA’s mission since 2001 has been to provide instruction and foster safe, fun competition for adults who want to play no-check, you-can-still-go-to-work-Monday hockey. (Keep that dental plan current, though, just to be safe.)

Summit is proud to help the AHA pursue these goals, and we’ll do so in 2017 by providing financial support, promotional materials, event space, and all sorts of cold, refreshing beer during AHA tournaments. Players are welcome to drink the beer or hold it firmly against any fresh bruises to reduce swelling.

Boasting year-round league play, nearly 3,000 players, and over 140 teams spread across 10 beginner and advanced skill levels, AHA hockey brings together friends, co-workers, neighbors, and even family members who don’t always like each other, all for fun, challenging exercise and fast, exciting, team-oriented hockey. And whether you’re a stockbroker living in the suburbs or a plumber shacked up out in the sticks, skating alongside your buddies sure beats spending another Saturday with the DVR.

The AHA announced the partnership to their own members during their annual Captain’s Meeting February 7 at Summit Brewing. Also announced at the Captain’s Meeting was the AHA’s 2017 schedule, which includes the Winter Playoffs in early April, the Twin Cities Classic in early October, and the Duluth Classic in late October.

“We have been fortunate to receive support from Summit Brewing for quite some time at our local tournaments,” says David Swenson, Executive Director of AHA. “We are very excited to see the relationship evolve to the next level, just like AHA tournament participants look forward to that ice-cold Summit after their games.”

Some things about hockey may be hard to understand, such as pesky offsides and icing penalties or how a goalie could possibly get up after doing the splits on ice skates. But bringing good people together for a good time? That’s easy to understand, and something Summit is proud to support.

For more information about AHA Hockey, please visit www.ahahockey.com/. And for more information about Summit Brewing Company’s charitable activities, please visit www.summitbrewing.com/culture/donations-and-sponsorships.

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