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Summit Beer Hall Exclusive #3: BAMF DAMPFBIER


OK, here’s the deal: We keep making Beer Hall Exclusives, and you keep drinking them really fast. The last one was supposed to last three weeks and it didn’t even make it through the weekend. You folks are outta control — in a good way.

And because we like you, here is a new one: Summit Brewer Mike Lundell took a bunch of Summit employees into the brew house and together they made a pilot batch of BAMF DAMPFBIER. Fairly common prior to the late 19thcentury, especially in southeastern Bavaria near the Czech border, dampfbiers (translation: steam beers) are now considered a bit of an oddity. In fact, only a handful of breweries in Germany still make one.

FYI: You don’t have to go to Germany to get one. It’ll be available right here at the Summit Beer Hall, Thursday, May 25.

A dampfbier is an all-barley ale traditionally brewed in summer. Medium-bodied and very gently hopped, dampfbiers are low in effervescence and warm-fermented. Sometimes described as a poor man’s hefeweizen, Bavarian brewers developed the style by substituting barley when they couldn’t afford to brew with wheat.

Ours is made with a standard Bavarian Weissbier yeast, giving the beer a hint of clove phenol, plus a new Argentinian pilsner malt called Polar. Rounding out the malt bill are Wyermann Munich I and II, and CaraMunich II. Finally, Tettnang hops provide a mellow spicy nose and gentle bitterness to complement a slight caramel sweetness.

Summit Beer Hall Exclusives

Created and brewed on our small pilot system, each Beer Hall Exclusive is captained by a different Summit Brewer and produced by a team of Summit employees from across the brewery. This collaborative approach is a great way for folks from our sales and marketing teams to get friendly with our production and administrative teams. Or spend the day bickering about hops.

By nature, small batches like these won’t last long. If you miss one for some reason, you’ll be S.O.L. until our next Beer Hall Exclusive comes around. Sorry, that’s how this works.


Beer Hall Exclusive #3: BAMF DAMPFBIER

Tapped Thursday May 25 at 4 p.m.

Food Truck: El Jibarito

Suggested Food Pairings: El Jibarito’s Sweet Burger, a homemade patty filled with sweet plantains that will complement our dampfbier’s hefeweizen yeast. It’s topped with fried onions, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and a special house sauce.

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