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Summit Brewing Company
Summit beer Patio Perfect 12oz Can

Patio Perfection

Escape to your ‘Ahhhh’ place

Imagine the perfect summer evening: the warm sun setting, a cool breeze, soft sounds of the trees settling, a crackling fire and a crisp, cold beer in hand. Summit Patio Perfection is not only the best brew to be enjoyed in that moment, it embodies that moment. With crisp, tart flavors of lime and sea salt and a unique floral hop aroma, it will bring you to a summery escape any time.

Conversation Starter

This new limited edition brew is Summit’s first-ever packaged gose-style ale. This refreshing style is known for its smooth, malt body; zesty, salty flavors and light, effervescent finish. Our version also is brewed with experimental agents to add extra tang and a brand new hop variety, Adeena, for a unique floral and spicy hop note. It’s a perfectly balanced beverage for relaxing, summer evenings.


Serving Tips

Serve in a flute glass at 40 – 50º


Beer Facts

Alcohol by Volume: 5%
IBUs: 22
Original Gravity: 12ºP
Color, (de. L): Pale Straw (4L)
Hops Utilized: Loral, Lemondrop, Adeena
Malts Utilized: Rahr Pale, Rahr Malted White Wheat, Rahr Moravian 37
Kettle Additions: Lime peel, Key lime puree, Sea Salt, Berliner Sour blend, X sour blend
Yeast: German Ale
Established: 2022

Food Pairings



Lemon Cheesecake


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