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Summit Brewing Company

Triple Rye Amber Ale

Three Kinds of Rye from Three Different Countries

Featuring roasted malt aromas of cocoa, caramel and toffee, plus a touch of slightly spicy and nutty characteristics often associated with rye malts, Summit Triple Rye is balanced by a pleasantly clean citrus hop finish and mellow tartness from the yeast profile in the finish. Brewed with three types of rye from three different countries, Summit Triple Rye Pale Ale is unfiltered and combines sweet roasted malt flavors with citrus hops, spice, and a deep-down Minnesota desire to layer flannel and wool. Find it in 12-oz. bottles, only inside the Summit Ratskeller Reserve Collection variety box.

Conversation Starter

The Summit Ratskeller, inspired by warm and welcoming German pubs, is where we test the bold, experimental beers born on our pilot system — our playground for trying exciting new recipes. Summit Triple Rye is one of those beers, brought back to life and bottled just for you. Bring the experimental beers of the Summit Ratskeller home. Brewed in small batches and available for only a limited time, once it’s gone, it’s gone. Prost!


Serving Tips

Serve at 45–50º F in a pint glass alongside cheese curds, barbecued meat, fried fish, pizza, or chili. And share some of that food, for Pete's sake.


Beer Facts

{Limited Release}
Original Gravity: 12.5ºP
Alcohol by Volume: 5.5%
Color, (deg. L.): Deep Amber (17 L)
IBUs: 42
Malts Utilized: Pale Malt, Rye Malt, Crystal Rye, Flaked Rye, Biscuit Malt, Midnight Wheat
Hops Utilized: Bravo, Harvest Fresh Chinook, Harvest Fresh Cascade, Mandarina Bavaria
Yeast: West Coast IPA yeast
Established: January 2019

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