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Donation Guidelines

Summit receives numerous requests for charitable donations each month. While we would truly like to help everyone, we unfortunately cannot accommodate every request. For that reason, we’ve created the following policies and processes to help us evaluate which organizations and causes we are able to support.

  • We require at least 30 days’ notice.
  • Please keep in mind we receive many requests each month and try to accommodate as many as possible.
  • Due to the volume of requests, we will only respond to requests that fit our donation guidelines. If your donation is approved, you will be notified via email.
  • All donations are final and cannot be exchanged or refunded for monetary value.
  • All donations must be picked up at the brewery during current administrative office business hours; therefore, we cannot accommodate donations outside the State of Minnesota.
  • We cannot provide staffing to work events or deliver donations.
  • We do not donate or contribute to:
    • Functions, auctions or other events that support or raise funds for youth, youth programs and/or K–12 schools.
      • As a craft brewery, we are strongly against underage drinking and we just don’t want to make kids think drinking looks cool. Even if your event is intended to be adults-only, we simply believe beer and kids should not mix and for that reason we cannot contribute.
    • Political and/or religious organizations.
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