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Summit Beer Hall Exclusive #7: GAMMA SMASH SESSION IPA

Greetings, Thirsty Friends!

Coming up Thursday, September 14th, we’re tapping our next limited Summit Beer Hall Exclusive — GAMMA SMASH SESSION IPA. What do you say about swinging by for a pint or two?

Holy hops, Batman. Our GAMMA SMASH SESSION IPA features a single experimental hop grown in Washington’s Yakima Valley and supplied by John I. Haas, our largest hop supplier. Called BRU-1, you can expect hop aromas of strawberry and melon. The best part? If you like this hop, we should be able to get our hands on a little more for another experimental brew later on.

Mystery Malt. Like the previous beers in our SMASH series (ALPHA and BETA), GAMMA features an Argentinian pale malt never before used in the USA. This is our third recipe with this malt, and it’s safe to say we’re beginning to understand its secret powers. Provided by our friends at Cargill, the malt offers breadcrumb and toast characteristics.

Yeast is magic, FYI. The American ale yeast strain used in GAMMA SMASH SESSION IPA is clean and simple, taking a back seat to the hop’s strawberry and melon profile. Just like the hops and malts, this yeast strain is experimental. Did you like how it turned out in our previous SMASH beers? Do you think we should keep using it? Are you going to come in and fill out a comment card?

What’s SMASH mean again? SMASH means Single Malt and Single Hop. Rather than blending multiple malts and a variety of hops to produce complex flavors and aromas, SMASH-style beers allow the flavors of a single malt or hop variety to shine. DELTA SMASH SESSION IPA, a beer featuring the same malts, the same yeast, and a different hop altogether, will be released next on September 28th. It will be our final beer in this SMASH series.

Additionally, because this is a Session IPA, you can drink a few of ‘em without feeling goofy. The ABV is right around 4.7%, making the beer sessionable.

Head Brewer Damian McConn has a few tricks up his sleeve. “We’re backloading the hops in this brew,” he says. “They’re going in late so they’ll retain their flavor and aroma without the bitterness. We don’t want 60 IBUs here, and adding hops late prevents the IBU from climbing, showcasing the beer’s aroma and flavor.”

Remember: Feedback. “If this hop really pops, if people like it, we’ll try to work it into one of our beers next year.” So, come in, try the beer, fill out a comment card, and tell us what you think. We’ll send that feedback to the brewers, to our friends at Cargill, and to John I. Haas himself. First-class overnight.

Grab One While You Can
                Grab One While You Can

Summit Beer Hall Exclusives

Created and brewed on our small pilot system, this Beer Hall Exclusive was captained by Head Brewer Damian McConn. Often tied up with meetings, business trips, office work, cleaning projects, and other supervisorial duties, Damian always looks forward to spending time in the pilot brewhouse with all of these new, experimental ingredients.

DISCLAIMER: By nature, small batches like these won’t last long. If you miss one for some reason, you’ll be S.O.L. until our next Beer Hall Exclusive comes around. Sorry, that’s how this works.

Beer Hall Exclusive #7: GAMMA SMASH SESSION IPA

Tapped Thursday, September 14th, at 4 p.m.

SPECIAL PRICES: $3 pints of GAMMA SMASH from 4–6 p.m., Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (until it runs out)!

Food Truck: Kabomelette Food Truck

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